Your Wrechness

  • *playing video games*
  • Someone: H--
  • Me: oMFG I died because you were talkinG


allow me to take a moment to appreciate the one time an update happened and I laughed so hard I cried

favorite kid

favorite troll

best moment

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Latula jokes stink.

Meulin doesn’t like hearing them.

Kurloz hates talking about it.

Tavros won’t take them sitting down.

Equius gets a little choked up.

Nepeta is pretty beaten on the topic

Eridan is half and half

Vriska tries to take a stab at them

Terezi doesn’t see what’s so funny.

Feferi takes a shot at them sometimes.

Dirk loses his head at them.

Mindfang takes them a little overboard.

Lord English rolls his eyes at them.

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